Kategoria: Wykładziny
Producent: Burmatex

strands is a vibrant and exciting 100% Nylon textured loop carpet tile range offering almost limitless opportunities for floor design.Each tile starts with a background colour of mid grey with a black pinstripe and is then accented by one of eight striking key note colour stripes in three versions: - Strands 5; Strands 10 and Strands 60; so named because the key note colour stripe takes up 5%, 10% and 60% of the carpet tile respectively.Strands offers the designer combinations of pattern and colour to create and develop unique floor designs starting from tessellated or brick in 5, 10 or 60 up to amazing effects such as random monolithic, brick repeat, monolithic chequerboard using combinations of 5,10 and 60. Schemes can be further enhanced using combinations of other Burmatex ranges.


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