black dot air

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Producent: Sedus

Office swivel chair with 3D knitted upholstery

Versions and variety
A classic design that keeps up with the times. The new black dot air. Thanks to its unmistakable look and impressive comfort, the black dot product family
has long been a Sedus classic. The new black dot air fits seamlessly into the family and has proven itself to be an innovative new version of this striking design.

With its novel 3D knitted upholstery, AIR KNIT, which offers the ideal symbiosis of pleasant haptics and a modern look, black dot air is guaranteed to impress at the very first glance. The design also boasts all the comforts which distinguish the black dot family, in particular the flexible backrest suspension which supports the back even in turning and sideways movements.

Look and feel
Feels as good as it looks. The new 3D knitted upholstery AIR KNIT. The backrest of the black dot air features the innovative 3D knitted upholstery, AIR KNIT, which combines the advantages of a mesh membrane with those of full upholstery. AIR KNIT creates a lightweight feel, is breathable and ensures maximum comfort.

At the same time, the intricate stitching results in a high-quality and modern look. The fabric upholstery on the seat complements the overall look perfectly. The colour and texture of the upholstery can be chosen freely from the Sedus fabric collections.

Details and features
Its the details which ensure a great design. A draft which combines design and ergonomics. In addition to the novel 3D knitted upholstery, AIR KNIT, black dot air features numerous intelligent details for a wonderfully comfortable sitting experience. First and foremost, the well-known backrest suspension which supports black dot air users in all movements and directions. This unique sitting experience is rounded off by numerous ergonomic functions which facilitate healthy and dynamic sitting.