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Kategoria: Krzesła Konferencyjne i Audytoryjne
Producent: Viasit

Elipsis by Viasit - Curved Lines for office, conference, and residential

Elipsis is impressive with its elegant, elliptically formed steel pipe frame made from a single piece which encapsulates the seat and merges into the runners below with a graceful sweep. Thanks to its many options, the Elipsis can be precisely customised in line with taste and intended use based on this basic concept.

The soft rebound of the free swinger facilitates relaxed sitting, even turning long conferences into a pleasurable experience. Its slim silhouette not only looks great, but also fulfils the space requirements for large meetings, regardless of whether the variant with or without plastic arm supports is chosen.

Elipsis summary

  • Elipsis is two products in one: the first with a continuous and stable mesh seat and backrest and the second with a fully upholstered shell.
  • Both versions are available with or without polypropylene arms.